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The Traveler Sparrow had the opportunity to attend the event INTERACT SOCIAL NETWORKING SESSIONS MADRID 2014 of Madrid´s Chamber of Commerce.

The event started at 9.30 with Mr. Alfonso Carcasona, president of the Commission on Innovation and New Technologies of Madrid Chamber of Commerce after being introduced by Mr. Juanma Romero (RTVE). Twitter: @jromero_tv

In his introduction he explained the growing importance of online marketing and the relevance of digital presence of SMEs in the digital world.


At 9.45 continued Mr. Pedro Jesús González (Head of Territorio Creativo Digital Strategy). Talk: “When you connect things, they become powerful”. Twitter:@pedgonvi

pedro jesús gonzalez

He explained, among other things, the importance of mobile traffic. In 2013 in Spain mobile web traffic was 15% of the internet traffic and increased up to 25-30%. China: 85%.
We spend an average of 2 hours daily on social networks.

He gave us an example of the growing importance of online communication through social networks: a client of NH Hotels had a problem in his room and he reported it on twitter before going to reception…

He explained what is AIDA: Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action.

Before we use to decide taking into account few options, now because we have a lot of information immediately available to us, decisions are taking longer. We visit an average of 13 websites before deciding on a purchase, tourist destination etc…

He gave us a few ideas to make the most of online marketing:

*Social Plugins: in order to use them creatively.

*showrooming, mobile payments.

*geolocation, e.g. foursquare.

*loyalty 2.0

*To adapt to people´s communication needs: for example customer service chat.

* Segmentation: Facebook Custom Audiences and Twitter Tailored Audiences.

The consumer now is social.

Then it was the turn of Philippe González. AMC Networks Iberia-Latam Manager and Instagramers founder. Talk:”Instagram Brand effectiveness.” Twitter:@PhilGonzalez With a good sense of humour and a friendly French accent, he spoke about the importance of Instagram on the network: «Instagram is worth a thousand WhatsApp’s».


He said concepts such as: time, (we don’t manage it the same anymore) and, feelings (feelings digitization) were changing…

He showed us a photo where we could see the same event taking place in two different years, the election of the pope in 2005 and in 2013 and the technological differences:

eleccion papa 2005 2013

Therefore he confirmed that images are the winners and image over written expression.

Instagram now has 200 million users (Facebook has reached 1.230 million of active users).

He gave us the example of Hawker Company which launched 30 euros glasses with no store only through e-ecommerce and with the help of social networks. They are a 100% digital business…

He advised us to use interesting photos and to carefully choosethe nickname which should be the same asthe one on twitter.

He gave us websites that can help us to measure online audience on Instagram and share photos:

Between talks Mr. Juanma Romero (@jromero_tv ) encouraged SMEs and entrepreneurs to talk to the audience and introduce our projects. Some of us did.

Then spoke Mr. David Olivares, Corporate Managing director. I was not able to take notes. Talk: Email marketing and social networks. They must understand each other”

At 11.45 am and after a coffee break and networking session (we were encouraged to take the opportunity to introduce our companies or projects to others) Eric Peyrelongue spoke. MD of Relevant Traffic. Talk: “Social Media Strategy: Benefits and obligations.” Twitter:@EricPeyrelongue

eric mejor

He talked about customer complaints, now they are directed to social networks. With a good sense of humour, he gave us his own example with Air France, after not being adequately treated by Air France; he mentioned it in social networks in order to be heard.

He said we should use Twitter to convert interaction to leads.

The importance of customer service.

We should listen to criticism in social networks in order to improve

He advised us to increase visits using social media contests; he reminded us how human begins like to win something, anything even just a can of tuna.

He insisted on analytics: «If you don’t measure you don’t exist» ESSENTIAL. He talked about the application: Universal Analytics.

He spoke as well about the importance of blogging, something we totally agree (J), for better web positing on google. We should offer new, authentic and fresh content. Very important.

Posts should be of a minimum of 300 to a maximum of 1000 words.
We should Investigate, interact and collaborate.

He explained what a quality observer is and again he spoke about Air France (:-).

Summing up: A Quality observer are chosen people to report the quality of flights using a mobile app. More information on this link:

He advised us to add our brand and / or logo at the beginning of a corporate video as it often happens that the viewer stops watching after 5 seconds….
He ended his talk by insisting on: «measure, measure and measure» At 12:15 it was the turn of Mr Felix Ruiz, Jobandtalent president. Talk: “how to hire thanks to social networks. “


Jobandtalent has 2.2 million users. Many visit the website regularly because of his relevant content.
He explained that the web contains relevant profile information and has a high capacity of segmentation.

At 13:00 spoke of Mr. Pedro Vicente, LinkedIn professor at IE Business School. Talk: “Keys to generate business in LinkedIn. “



He explained where in LinkedIn we can “socialize” and how to do concrete searches. In short, how to get more exposure on LinkedIn.

All the information in his blog:

At 13.30 it was the turn of Mr. Carlos Fernández Guerra, social media strategist at National Police. Talk: “The digital platform to improve citizen solidarity. “

It was truly the most different talk of all. He made ​​it clear from the beginning that he could not help it but being politically incorrect. He showed us some shocking tweets aimed to draw the attention of citizens.

It certainly was a day, altogether, extremely interesting.

Thanks to Madrid´s Chamber of Commerce for the talk’s quality and the good organization of the event!

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