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 To follow your calling.

post1Gema Martín

The Traveler Sparrow is very lucky to have the privilege and opportunity to get to know very special success stories.

As I mentioned in previous posts, success is not the same for everyone and more than anything success is not only acknowledgement, success or money, is much more than this.

Success is the courage to do what you’re really meant to do. To follow your calling.

Here I share with you another success history from a very  special person, with a unique career path I would say, taking into account the courage needed to follow it.

Something it has always fascinated me is to discover what you really came here to do, in this life.

Something it has always fascinated me is to discover what you really came here to do, in this life.. I will not write more about it because it will take over this post as there is to  much to talk about in just one post.

Taking into account her impressive career I should start somewhere, so I will start from the beginning:

How did I meet her?

I was in an event for entrepreneurs. Many people gathered with the desire of starting their own business but first and foremost  the desire to realize their dreams.

We all had our entrepreneurs hat on. All well dressed, polite, enthusiastic, professional and responsible.

And then we were introduced to a group activity. A dance teacher was going to teach us a few steps from an unconventional dance: Therapeutic sensual dance.

I thought it was fun.

IMG_0790 br

She exuded attitude

Looking around I  quickly discovered, from the crowd, who was the teacher and not because of  her appearance because she was wearing jeans (not the clothes  I had imagined for a sensual dance teacher) but because of her attitude. Yes, her attitudes, she exuded attitude. She communicated self-confidence, pride, femininity but with neither aggressiveness nor presumption

5090Gema Martín.

She taught sensual steps to entrepreneurs that with a sense of humor and awkwardness tried to follow.

4104-ZAPATO TURQUESAGema Martín.

And this is when I told to myself: this is what I need!

And this is when I told to myself: this is what I need! And as myself, I thought many women as well.

This is how I met  Gema.

post 2Gema Martín

And now I am her student. her classes have given me: fun, being present, to get to know myself even more and and above all meeting very nice people.

IMG_0461 brGema Martín Classes


And this is what her students say (yes, yes there are also men): 


 Her daring to radically change her career at the age of 38 years.

I asked her to share her story . Her daring to radically change her career at the age of 38 years. Beginning her professional path in a very  unconventional activity. And of the many interesting aspects of her work  to explain to us the therapeutic aspect that is  the essence of her teachings.

The therapeutic aspect that is the essence of her teachings.

I will  tell you a little more. Gema is a nurse with a Master  in emergencies and disasters, graduated in Body and Consciousness, Global Active Stretching, Craniosacral therapy and Coaching. She has also studied alternative therapies like Reiki, NLP, Qigong, Rebirthing, anthroposophic  nursing and artistic disciplines like body and voice.

She heals through the arts.

IMG_0475 bn brGema Martín

She heals through the arts.

She did ballet dance with five years old  and this is when her passion for dance began; She is graduated in sexy dance. She has danced in the Folk Dance company of Castilla la Mancha, ballroom dancing workshops, belly dancing, cabaret, burlesque, Brazilian dance, Fosse and tango and has taken courses in theater, non verbal communication, circus courses ,tantra and many more …

But Gema is in fact an Art Therapist. You could say that she heals through art.


sanarImagen sacada de la web http://www.bioenergetica-radiestesia.com/noticias/tecnicas-para-sanar-traumas-de-nacimiento-y-concepcion/

By visiting her website (http://www.gema-martin.com/) I would like to highlight some interesting quotes:


«… Make them see that a perfect body  is not needed to be sensual, seduction is an inner attitude …»

«… Commitment to the integration of  body and soul …»

«… And the incredible experience of feeling» exposed «to others, in order  to overcome limitations and fears …»

«… to come down from the roof of the mind and explore the rest of the building that is the body.»

solo corazón

To end up I think:

When someone dares to  overcome the fear to do something they are passionate about but is very unconventional, they are giving the opportunity to help and guide others in areas that otherwise it would be impossible.

 I am telling you, is going to be a very interesting, revealing and rich post.. Check it out yourself!

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Here you can listen to Gema in a Radio Interview in the program La Ser:

ser cadena


And a few videos from her work:

Nivea Plaza. Sexy Dance. Despierta tu sensualidad

Her website:

Gema Martín. Danza Sensual Terapeútica.


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