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To follow your calling.

 Interview to Gema Martín:

How it all began?

And that´s when I knew I had to let all women around the world know.

It began in a therapeutic Streaptease workshop suggested by a friend, this was a present I gave to myself for my birthday because I felt the need to work on my shyness, insecurities (accepting my body)  and fears such as the fear of exposing myself. I discovered a perfect body  was no needed to be sensual, seductive and desirable, and that’s when a kind of catharsis took place as how I felt and what I saw in my classmates, the click of what I felt was enormous but even greater was what I saw in my colleagues.

But even greater was what I saw in my colleagues.

In this workshop there were  women of all ages, of all shapes and body types but it was revealing  that regardless of their body, all were desirable and erotic because they were able to express themselves without fear, enjoying who they were and letting themselves go with the flow, and that´s when I knew I had to let all women around the world know about it, as we all suffer from social pressure because of our age and our looks.

IMG_0106 brClases de Gema Martín

Fear of exposure and acceptance of my body.

What caused you this big change?

It had been since a long time I felt neither happy nor fulfilled at my job   even though nursing had given me many great things. Thanks to nursing I developed a human connection that made me want to grow in other kind of personal development therapies.  I did not only wanted to deal with the physical aspect of taking care of a patient but wanted to deal with their feelings and emotions..

 Nursing lead me to the therapeutic aspect of my work in sensual dance.

Nursing lead me to the therapeutic aspect of my work in sensual dance. The contact with the pain, the fear and vulnerability result of the disease, this was what made me want to reach patients not with only a purely physical technique (transfusions, cures, treatments, surgeries,  medication). Beyond the technical aspect a nurse is a care attendant but we only healed the body we did not connected with their emotions, thoughts the ones that led this patiente to be sick

post 2Gema Martín. Her classes.

My work helps healing emotions through a work with the body

From there, guided by my intuition, I began to choose  services  within the hospital that could provide me this emotional development.

Why your classes are interesting for men too?

Because they  suffer as well from social pressure in terms of, f.e sexual performance and also have, as women, the need to express their sensuality, charisma and of course: to play and feel desirable.

post5Gema Martín. Her classes


Here you can listen to Gema in a Radio Interview in the program La Ser:

ser cadena


And a few videos from her work:

Nivea Plaza. Sexy Dance. Despierta tu sensualidad

Her website here!

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