ENGLISH-A little bit of what happened in SALON MI EMPRESA (Madrid) part I- Day 1: FEBRUARY 17th. - Fly to Digital
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Salón Mi Empresa is one of the biggest event that takes place in Madrid once per year destined to SMB, entrepeneurs and freelance.


I would like to first thank Salon Mi empresa for the invitation to these two very interesting days.

I arrived at 12.45 just in time for Ismael Teijón´s (Demium Startups) talk-. «What have I learned in order to radically reduce the risk of failure after launching 15 Starups.» He said he was excited to give this talk because 6 years from now he was at Salón Mi Empresa as a visitor. This was his beginning as an entrepreneur and what he realized was that in fact he knew nothing.


He asked us what a startup is: it is a technology-based company with great growth potential.

He has launched 13 startups in two years and he has developed a method to create projects with little risk of failure. 80% of startups fail over the first 3 years.

We gave us the example of La Nevera Roja which was sold out for 80 million euros.

Then he asked us how not to be among this 80% and he said that one of the keys was the team, the talent (because 80% of this 80% of failures are due to problems with partners or team member). Intelligent people surround themselves with even more intelligent ones.

He advised us to identify three key roles within the startup: founders, employees and advisors. He showed us the roles of Belbin:

He advised us, as well, the Lean Start Up model in order to  build a product based on what the client wants. Problem Analysis and solution finding.  Customize a product with the help of a survey.

His conclusions were:

  • Team / Talent
  • Focus (learn to say NO)
  • Focus on the client (lean start up) and …
  • Without passion there is no company!

Then I wanted to go to the talk: «#Lidertarios: creating» intrapreneurs «in the digital age» but it started later so I was able to listen to the end of the previous talk: “Transgressors Leaders, breaking established rules.» Jose Luis Briones Founder of Alquimia Emprendedores and Liliana Rey (History Makers) Creadores de Historia


A very passionate speaker said that 1 of each 5 employees are unmotivated in their job. We should know how to answer these questions:

What’s beyond my daily hardships? How much passion does my project awakes? Do we inspire? Does your company have soul? What would happen to the world if your business did not exist? Where am I going?

Afterwards was the turn of: «#Lidertarios: creating» intrapreneurs » in the digital age» With Fernando Polo, Executive General Manager of Territorio Creativo  (Creative Territory) and Juan Luis Polo Founding Partner and General Manager of Territorio Creativo.


They shared with us Territorio Creativo mission and philosophy: people first and they gave us the examples of other companies that do the same: DKV is one of them. Everyone participates in the strategy design.

They spoke about their open doors breakfasts:

Afterwards they showed us company numbers. The company growth in recent years:

  • From 6 people to 100
  • From 1 country to 3
  • From 300K Euros to 6 M Euros.

Thereafter I went to the Internationalization area, where Katia Martinez CEO of Opening Markets … Together! Gave us a very interesting talk: «West Africa: a great market for Spanish companies. Guidelines to successfully enter it. » I will add information about this talk in English shortly.


And least but not last was the turn of «Do you want to have international media presence but have no budget? We will tell you how we achieved it. » Olivia Czewertynski CEO / Founder of Becomewide.

She explained to us that many international campaigns have not the expected success because they don’t have  objectives  (as for instance SMART). We must provide information that is relevant at this very moment. She introduced us to 7 steps to create international media campaigns:

  1. Create a Pressroom
  2. Frontline Connect: get journalists that we like talk about us. She gave the example of Weon Glasses campaign (equivalent to Spanish google glass). The frontline has to be a company asset not the agency one!.
  3. To define Objectives. She advised us SMART ones.
  4. To write content (for instance Storytelling)
  5. To check the content. Make sure everything is ready. The web hosting should work properly. Imagine that a journalist visit our website and it doesn’t work correctly. What a shame!
  6. Campaign Launch:
  • Journalists follow up
  • Listen to social networks
  • Press clipping: google alert, feedly etc.

7. Campaign closure

Here the complete original 7 steps:



Twitter: @becomewide

And this is how my first day in Salón mi Empresa ended (February 17th 2015)! 😉

Click here to access the 2nd part (in Spanish, very soon in English and French):



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